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New Year, New You - Regenerate Your Life

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Yes, it's that time again - time to shake off the after-effects of Christmas and to celebrate not just the start of a new year but a whole new decade. Many of us will no doubt be glad to see the back of a decade which brought us austerity, Trump and the seemingly interminable Brexit debacle. If you're one of those hoping for a completely fresh start in the roaring 20s then the New Year represents a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Yes, we're talking New Year's resolutions here. Most people enter a new calendar year with good intentions of turning their dreams into a reality but the blunt truth is that very few achieve lasting success. Last year the most popular New Year’s resolutions all had to do with diet and exercise, followed by saving more, and then learning a new skill or hobby. Such vague and common goals, however, are easily forgotten; 80% of resolutions are abandoned by mid-February, and only 8% are ever accomplished.

So why the high failure rate? One of the main reasons is that too many people make resolutions that are too general and vague, with no real action steps. The most common ones include, “I’m going to lose weight,” “I’m going to exercise more,” “I’m going to save money” and “I’m going to get organised.” These goals all sound good, but they have no real plan to follow. It’s human nature to want early and immediate success - after all, we live in an age of instant gratification in which we're programmed to receive everything on demand. But often, real change takes time. So you need to set smaller goals - even daily - to feel like you’re making progress. That way you build momentum and are able to see real, measurable progress as you tackle your goals.

Here at Phoenix we're experts at goal-setting and helping people to turn their dreams into a reality. We use a vast arsenal of different techniques and skills to motivate clients and enable them to come up with action plans which make even the largest goals achievable. At the heart of our approach is breaking each goal down into easy-to-manage baby steps, with each individual step being so small that the client can't fail to achieve it. As each mini-goal is ticked off the list, the client starts to gain a very real sense of tangible progress, building momentum and confidence which rapidly becomes a runaway train. Our goal-setting strategies are reinforced with an array of self-improvement tools designed to enable clients to access the high-performance theta brainwave state in which the supernal powers of their subconscious mind are activated, along with the limitless reservoir of their full potential. Techniques we have at our disposal include hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), sound therapy and advanced meditation techniques - all of which have the ability to unleash a person's inner power and innate capabilities.

Having the right support is a vital component of achieving success. Many New Year resolutions fail because people try to tackle them alone. So when the initial wave of enthusiasm wears off, there's nobody there to motivate you to press on. Having a Life Coach or personal trainer to keep you on track can make all the difference. You're more likely to keep going if you know somebody else is monitoring your progress and that you're going to have to check in with that person at regular intervals. At Phoenix we won't berate you for slipping up - after all, there will always be times when life gets in the way and prevents us from doing something we'd intended - but we can help to steer you back on track and make appropriate adjustments to your goals where necessary.

Here are our top tips for some achievable New Year resolutions:

Social Media - Quitting social media entirely may not be practical but you can cut down on your online activity and you'll massively increase your general sense of wellbeing by doing so. Reduce screen time, don't get sucked into online arguments and bitching, don't have phones at the dinner table and, above all, don't take phones and other electronic devices to bed with you. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was this - "The bedroom is for sleep and sex. Keep phones and other devices out of it". Try to introduce a strict cut-off time each evening, after which your phone is switched off. The result will be improved sleep and a far greater sense of internal harmony.

Fitness - Quit the fags, cut down on booze, review your diet and take sensible steps to improve your overall fitness levels. It doesn't have to mean joining a gym or running a marathon. Something as simple as going for a walk every day or taking the stairs instead of the lift can be all it takes to make a real and tangible difference to your physical health. It's highly addictive too.

Cultivate Positivity - Don't get drawn into arguments. Twitter trolls and bullies feed off the reactions they get from you so don't give them the satisfaction. By simply smiling and moving on, you disempower them. Don't read the social media posts of people whose views consistently wind you up. In fact, unfollow them. Practice meditation and mindfulness - trust me, they can make a massive difference to your quality of life and overall sense of wellbeing. Here at Phoenix, we teach powerful meditation techniques and also run a range of meditation and mindfulness workshops throughout the year. Contact us for details.

Mental Health - Stress and anxiety are epidemics at the moment so make it a priority to look after your mental health in 2020. Whether it's adopting practices such as meditation and mindfulness, joining a yoga or Tai Chi class, reducing your online activity or removing toxic people from your life, there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce your stress levels and lead a more balanced life. Talk to people - not online but face-to-face. You'd be amazed how much of a difference proper social interaction can make. If you're struggling with issues such as stress or depression, then get help. Don't go through it alone. Speak to a family member, a close friend or qualified professional and share the burden. A problem shared is a problem halved.

A new image can do wonders for your self-esteem and sense of identity. I have my good friend and hairdresser Ellie Dashi to thank for this one!

New Image - Treat yourself to a makeover. Something as simple as a new hairstyle or a new outfit can make all the difference to your self-esteem and sense of identity. And while you're at it, take the chance to have a good clearout of your wardrobes and cupboards and ditch those old clothes you haven't worn in years. Donate them to charity so that someone else can get the benefit. You'll feel lighter and better for having had a good purge.

Whatever your goal in 2020 - whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, get fit, write the novel that's lived in your head for years, secure your dream job, conquer a phobia or unleash your full potential in business, sport or the performing arts, Phoenix has the skills and expertise to help you and to make it easier than you could ever have imagined. There's no mountain you can't climb. All you need is a little bit of perspective and the right guidance. And that's where we come in. Get in touch now to find out what we can do for you and to inquire about our New Year offers and discounts. Make 2020 the year that you unleash the phoenix within. Call 01383 731894, visit our website or drop us an email at

Here at Phoenix we'd like to wish a very happy, successful and prosperous New Year to all our clients, friends, supporters and readers. Let's make 2020 a truly life-changing one for all of you.

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