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Unite For World Meditation Day

People from throughout the globe are being encouraged to come together today (Thursday 21st May) to mark World Meditation Day - the world's largest ever synchronised meditation and prayer. Spiritual leaders of all faiths will be joining together with artists, celebrities, major influencers and organisations to spread a message of peace under the three-word banner of UNITE... MEDITATE... PRAY.

The online event, being organised by, will feature appearances from the likes of Russell Brand, Deepak Chopra, Martin Luther King III, boxer Mike Tyson, Indian mystic Sadhguru, self improvement guru Tony Robbins, musicians WILL.I.AM and Ravi Shankar, rapper Maejor and Self-Realization Fellowship president Brother Chidananda, as well as Dr James Hardt of the Biocybernaut Institute, Native American medicine man Taita Juanito and the Rev Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

There's never been a more important time to unite in the practice of meditation. With the Coronavirus pandemic having caused unprecedented levels of anxiety and uncertainty in the lives of people worldwide, organisers hope this event will provide a much-needed opportunity to press pause and reboot. It doesn't matter if you've never meditated before as no prior experience is necessary to join in. Even if you’re not a meditator, you can still take 20 minutes out of your day to close your eyes, relax and reflect. It's an opportunity to pray for those who are suffering or have lost loved ones to the pandemic, to express gratitude to the frontline key workers who've worked tirelessly to keep the world going through this time of crisis, and to unite behind the hope of better times ahead.

Organisers hope the event could emulate the success of a recent mass meditation and prayer where 2 million people tuned in at the same time, during which the geomagnetic field of the Earth spiked to 76 after a month of averaging just over 30, seemingly demonstrating the ability of humans to influence the planet's geomagnetic field through the power of intention. A staggering 1 billion people worldwide are expected to participate in the synchronised meditation, which kicks off at 7pm UK-time.

Urging people to get behind the event, organisers sionearth said, "Modern life can feel relentless and stressful. But with the right tools, we all have the potential to be healthier and happier. Our vision is for World Meditation Day to be celebrated across the globe, so that people everywhere can take the opportunity to press pause and reboot. Every year on May 21st, our worldwide event will bring together people of all beliefs, faiths, and religions. We will unite as one to pause, reflect, reset, and create an ongoing dialogue focusing on healing, empathy, and mindfulness. You can learn and practice meditation with our app as well." Stressing the particular importance of this year's event in light of the current global situation, sionearth continued, "Humanity will rise and unite for the world's largest meditation and prayer in this crucial moment in history. As the world is coming into a new form we are asking you to join the world's leading spiritual teachers and artists of our time to shift the global energy from fear into love. Help us launch our global movement empowering the world to honour and learn from this time of COVID."

Here at Phoenix we're great believers in the power of meditation to transform people's lives for the better and it's one of the key tools we use in our therapeutic arsenal. The practice of meditation has numerous scientifically-proven health benefits, including stress reduction, improved mental clarity and focus, increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence and reducing blood pressure.

Meditation doesn't have to be undertaken as a religious practice, nor does it have to involve painful contortions or yogic postures or mantras. You can make a meditation out of walking to the shops, kicking a football or washing the car. It can be done lying down, sitting in a chair or on the move. The where and when isn't the most important thing. What matters is your state of mind and awareness.

No matter what the nature of the problem or goal that people come to me with in my role as a therapist and life coach, I almost always start by training them to still the mind and ground themselves in the Now. Because once the mind has been stilled, the internal chatter silenced and the pendulum brought to rest, that’s when we can access the subconscious mind and bring its mighty powers to bear on finding a solution to the problem or goal. It doesn’t matter whether they want to quit smoking, lose weight, conquer a fear of flying, pass a driving test, overcome chronic pain, get a promotion at work or become a better golfer - the subconscious holds the solution to all these things and more - and the key to accessing the oceanic waters of the subconscious is the fish-hook of meditation.

At Phoenix we run a range of courses and workshops throughout the year to teach invaluable meditation and mindfulness skills. We're also about to launch an online store on our website at through which you'll be able to buy a wide range of guided meditation recordings and hypnosis audios as well as literature offering information and guidance on how to meditate. For details, check out our website or drop us an email at

For more details of how to join World Meditation Day, which will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube, visit

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