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Michelle, Dunfermline

Words cannot describe how helpful Andrew has been in helping my son who was struggling with stress & anxiety. Andrew is receptive, intuitive, respectful, understanding, patient and kind. He has the ability create a great rapport with people and create and safe and trusted space. My son said that he was helped so much even after the first session than all of the sessions via his school because Andrew listened and gave him helpful tips and exercises that actually help him. My son is now in such a better place and in more control of his emotions and able to handle stressful situations better. Thank you so much.



Andrew is top class at his job and really helped me through my time in need. I can't recommend him highly enough.



Really wonderful in first discussions & I look forward to working with Andrew. Great connections from his first email & then our first call together. Highly recommend jumping on the discovery call with Andrew & Phoenix

Iris (84), Retired Nurse, New Malden

Andrew must be some kind of miracle worker. I came to him with a personal problem which had been troubling me for months and just by talking to him something shifted and I was able to see the situation clearly for the first time and get closure on it. Andrew has great wisdom but it’s more than that. He has a way of lifting the mood of a room just by walking into it. His very presence pumps energy into people and brings about some kind of subtle transformation. I’ve been around long enough to know magic when I see it. He’s a wizard. I can’t thank him enough.

Kim (58), Carer,


Andrew is such amazing healer with great insight and skills who helped me with giving up the fags. Andrew sent me a CD of his velvet voice to listen to. If anyone is thinking of going to see Andrew, you will leave very happy and healed.

Jordan (25), Edinburgh

I suffered from ADHD, drug misuse and depression. Andrew managed to understand the different causes and help me to become more relaxed and confident. He genuinely cares for people and sees the best in everyone and will go above and beyond to make you the best you. Polite, easy to talk to and passionate. A wonderful, wonderful person. He set me on a positive path to the person I am becoming today. Thank you dude.

Lykke (24), Event Manager, Glasgow

As a bit of a sceptic I was a little unsure about hypnotherapy to start with. I spoke to Andrew with an idea in mind of what I wanted to sort out - my anxiety and panic attacks. He designed a hypnotherapy session around this and I have had one more session since. In the two years since then I have had much better control of my anxiety and not a single panic attack! Thank you very much Andrew.

Amanda (40), Hotel Receptionist, Dunfermline

Andrew is the best. I went to see him for help with quitting smoking. After just one session I walked out of there a non-smoker. Since then the very thought of fags has made me feel physically sick. When I walk by people smoking in the street, I feel like telling them to stub it out because I now feel so disgusted over smoking and don’t want my kids getting poisoned by it. I was so impressed by the hypnotherapy that I went back a few months later for a relaxation session and it worked a treat. I would recommend Andrew to anyone.

Lorna (48),


I totally believe that going to a Life Coach or getting some therapy should be the most natural thing in the world when we can’t cope. Andrew is an amazing guy and a true gentleman who will put you at ease from the word go no matter what your issues. He can help with depression, anxiety, drug misuse, smoking cessation, weight loss - the list is endless. He is very talented in a wide range of techniques and will help you get through those dark times.

Angela (48), Accountant, Basildon, Essex

Andrew’s calm and reassuring manner was most conducive to a far-reaching and remarkably effective extended session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit him again, even though I live 400 miles away. Very thorough, very sincere, very effective and most certainly worthy of the trust required to cause tangible change to occur. Andrew spent a lot of time listening to my various woes and I mean a "lot" of time, above and beyond what one might expect. He cares passionately about people and is thoroughly qualified to assist many with diverse needs across a broad spectrum. He assisted me to understand some of my weirdness and was able to point things out never noticed before all of which led to a much better level of self-acceptance and stability with less fear! Awesome!

Kay (25), Communications Assistant & PA, Glasgow

Andrew provided me with valuable mindfulness, breathing and coping techniques during a highly stressful period in my life during which I was suffering extreme migraines. Not only did he teach preventative methods that I’ve used ever since, but importantly the much needed support required in the middle of a migraine episode. Andrew is trustworthy, friendly and communicative. I wouldn’t hesitate in returning to him for support and additional coping methods.

Craig (23),



For many years growing up I struggled to understand my state of mind. Being diagnosed with ADHD and later on bipolar disorder I struggled to manage my emotions to the point where they would frequently take over. Andrew managed to make sense of all of my troubles and helped me understand why I felt the way I did. He set up a confidence anchor to help me manage my anxiety before gigs and showed me how to channel my emotions into my music in a way which turned negativity into art. This also provided a way for me to keep track of these emotions and helped me find common ground among my peers, improving my relationships. The fact that Andrew is upfront about his own mental health problems is part of what builds rapid trust. You can tell just from talking to him that he actually knows from personal experience what you’re talking about and that he hasn’t just read it in a book like so many professionals. In times of financial crisis, when I was needing help the most, Andrew was so genuinely concerned and showed so much empathy towards my situation that he saw me free of charge until I was back on my feet and able to repay him. He cared more about my mental state than his own financial gain. It has developed into a long-term mentoring arrangement and a lasting friendship. This is the first time I’ve ever met anybody who has the ability to build such a genuine friendship with a client while still remaining completely professional.

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