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Its happened to plenty of parents. The day goes by and you realize that your kids have spent the better part of the day on a tablet, watching TV, or playing video games.


You dont want them to spend that much time on screens - but its hard to get things done when youre dealing with kids fighting and making messes, or kids distracting you from your other responsibilities.


If youre working from home, the schools are closed, and your kids are home all day, this situation is especially frustrating.


It can also be discouraging when youre confronted with anger or frustration when you tell them that screen time is over.


Whats a good solution for moms and dads who want to limit their kidsscreen time but dont want to lose their sanity?


In this eBook, youll discover practical solutions to these difficult issues.

How to Limit Screen Time for Your Kids... and Still Maintain Your Sanity

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