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Mindful colouring is a fun and simple way to add calm into your life and become present in the moment. In this book you’ll find 30 pages of mindfulness colouring sheets that you can print at home to help you be more mindful every day.


Mindful colouring is a growing trend at the moment. Being mindful is great not only for your mind and soul but also to your body. It is meditation, just like yoga, but without the physical part.


Being mindful means being present and aware of the moment. It means taking the time to focus on how you feel and what is happening around you. You can learn more about the wider practice of mindfulness and its benefits in our Phoenix publication Mindfulness – Be In The Zone, which is available to purchase and download from our online store.


Scientific studies have shown that there is a clear correlation between mindfulness and art therapy. Colouring pages, along with other tasks with predictable outcomes such as drawing, journaling and knitting, are perfect activities for alleviating stress, cutting down on unhelpful rumination and relaxing your mind.


The reason is because colouring, just as much as meditation, allows you to switch off your brain from the daily thoughts that populate your mind and focus on the task at hand – the present moment. Colouring is a deliberate anti-stress therapy that helps your body and mind appreciate the little things in life and be present. It helps you learn how to better react to situations and achieve a state of calm that clears your mind of stress and discontent.


This book is one of a series of Phoenix mindful colouring books. You might also like to read our eBook Mindfulness - Be In The Zone, available from our online store.

Phoenix Mindful Colouring Book 3

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