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Yoga is an art of living, a spiritual path, self disciplinary training or an interconnected technique which binds together the body, consciousness, spirit and the inner most soul. It is a form of contemplation, meditation and worships that target at the achievement of physical, mental and spiritual commitment. Yoga tackles the problem at its root cause and does wonders at the personal most level. Faith and trust in one’s own self along with performing other specified asana are the magic wands of Yoga. Yoga takes a person to the highest level of gratification and serenity.

Yoga means unification or coming together of human life with the cosmic world. It is the integrity and unity of awareness at all levels. Yoga is a way to serve human being with worldly truths and facts and is a system of exercises that merges life, soul, essence and substance with a human body. Yoga teaches how to use breathing to learn self control and restraint and to achieve chastisement. Yoga leaves no place for distraction from one’s process of coming in contact with one’s own inner self and the consolidation and cleansing of mind and body. Through relaxation and meditation it strengthens and intensifies one’s thought process and magnifies its awareness towards its own body.

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