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Are you spending too much time on social media?

Run ragged trying to keep pace with online activity?

Then perhaps it's time you took a well-earned break from your digital activity.

Nowadays, so much of our lives are conducted online that it can be hard to switch off, take a break and slow down. Instant notifications mean we're always on the go and connected to the internet 24/7. Studies show that excessive online activity is linked to stress, anxiety, insomnia and mental health issues. But what if it doesn't have to be like that?

This bumper course will teach you how to undergo a digital detox and reduce your online and social media activity to a healthy level, with lasting benefits for your overall health and wellbeing.

This comprehensive training package includes videos, audios, an eBook and bonus resources to equip you with all the information you need to unplug and reset your life.

Phoenix Digital Detox Course

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